Serving the industry
Aeronautics, Space, Defense
At the heart of critical systems and strategic issues
We participate in the development of ever more reliable, responsive, intelligent and efficient systems.

We have made dozens of high-performance test benches that have enabled the characterization and validation of integrated systems in aircraft, satellites or launchers: aircraft engines, braking systems, flight control and regulation systems, flight control systems. survival systems for example.

We also realize embedded systems for vehicles and military equipments, allowing to have in real time raw and interpreted data concerning, for example, the external environment, the state of systems on board, or offering functions of combat or countermeasures, in some cases fully automated.


The strengths of SAPHIR
Electrical Engineering & Electronics
Systems reinvented by electronics and software
Rapid characterization and production control

We carry out R & D and V & V test rigs, typically characterization and endurance benches, on electrotechnical assemblies such as motors, actuators, drives, circuit breakers, pumps or bearings for example, as well as on electronic boards.

At the other end of the chain, SAPHIR works on production control systems, typically functional testers fully integrated into the chain. The ability to keep pace, repeatability, and traceability is the key to success.

The electric revolution in the kingdom of zero-defect
Characterization and Control in Production

SAPHIR works for the automotive industry in the R & D and V & V stages, in particular via numerous automated test benches, mechanical parts, electro-technical assemblies, sensors and even calculators. Most of these benches incorporate Test Sequencers, and some use HIL (Hardware in the Loop) modules.

SAPHIR also works on production control systems, particularly on functional testers, or on testers using the acoustic or vibratory signature of components.

Optimize productions, Secure Distribution
Characterization and field monitoring of power generation and distribution systems

SAPHIR has developed numerous systems to better characterize the operation of energy production units such as turbines, alternators, or heat pumps.

We also carry out field supervision systems, often spread out and distributed in space, allowing energy providers to constantly monitor the operating points of these installations, and to control them remotely.