Designer of Automated Measurement, Testing and Control Solutions
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Solutions Designer for Automated Testing, Measurement and Control

Saphir (QMT Group) is a French company expert in the realization of systems with a strong added value in Measurement and Signal Processing.

Since our founding in 1989, we have built our reputation on the excellence of our solutions and on the satisfaction of our customers. We carry out our values high: Agile and Reliable to build Excellence.

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SMEs, ETIs and Key Accounts more than 100 customers have trusted SAPHIR, including:
Hundreds of systems made in 30 years.
A reputation for quality that brings us the loyalty of our customers and ensures our sustainability.
A story of success That allowed the creation of an international group

Ludovic BAZIN
Sales & Marketing Manager
Charles N'Djock
Technical director
general services

Isilda Vincent
Assistant of Direction
Fabienne Gillard
Accounting and HR Manager
Project management

Project Manager
Training Manager
Technical service

vincent bernasconi
emmanuel boivin
Patrice Deroux
Stéphanie Dufour
Christophe Estrade
Axel Cliff
Guillaume Granelli
Aurélien Henry
Louis Lafont from Sentenac
loïs le bras
Johann Lootvoet
Gilles Pitard
Matthieu Poncet
benoit doorman
Mathilde Vincent
SAPHIR is part of QMT Group
A group expert in solution design
For measurement, testing and automated quality control.

Founded in 2014, QMT Group brings together more than 40 experts.
Through our mastery of signal and image acquisition, we are a leader in test, measurement and quality control solutions for the French and Swiss markets.

A team with expanded skills

QMT Group has more than 40 employees. The complementary skills of Qualimatest, especially in the fields of Optics and Vision, make possible the realization of larger projects.

Automated optical control systems in Prodution

This is the area of choice of Qualimatest, especially for dimensional control but also for surface condition control.

Thus, at the group level, we realize production control stations that, typically, combine electrical controls and dimensional controls.


National Instruments Partner:

QMT Group has been the reference partner of National Instruments since 1990. At QMT Group, more than 15 of our employees are certified on the various hardware and software platforms.

A Franco-Swiss establishment