Support you in your Measurement, Testing and Control projects
National Instruments Center of Excellence
Expert & Historical Partner of NI in France
A special story between SAPHIR and National Instruments

SAPHIR was created in 1989 on a concept: to equip the best measurement and instrumentation engineers with an innovative and revolutionary "platform tool": LabVIEW, published at the time by an American SME named National Instruments ... intimacy between founders is also born in 1990 the network of Alliance partners, of which SAPHIR is the first member!

In the years that followed, we made a strong contribution to promoting this development environment in France, and led several hundred projects employing it. Some of them are considered by the publisher as one of the greatest achievements ever made in the world under LabVIEW.

Be guaranteed from the best experts

This control gradually spread to other software platforms marketed by National Instruments, including TestStand and VeriStand. Not to mention, obviously the intimate knowledge of successive ranges of measuring equipment and digitizers ...

We are considered to be among the best experts in France and in the world. And for good reason: many of our projects, for 30 years use these platforms, very well adapted to our activities in Measurement, Tests and Controls.

As a result, all our "software" engineers are certified at least at the LabVIEW CLD level. In addition, we have several people certified at the Architect level (CLA), on the RT / FPGA (CLED) or TestStand platforms.

The offer of our Center of Excellence

Our Center of Excellence obviously deals with projects on this platform, but also, more generally, platforms of National Instruments:

  • Object Oriented Architectures and Programming with LabVIEW
  • TestStand
  • VeriStand
  • Integrate National Instruments hardware
Use this offer for:
  • the realization of software components on these environments
  • assistance with the choice of materials or their integration
  • maintenance or evolution of your systems
  • migrating to newer platforms (such as LabVIEW NXG)
  • Training
Third Party application maintenance (tpam)
Reliability in the long term
Entrust your assets to a professional

You have a fleet of rigs or industrial software, and you are looking for a durable and reliable solution to ensure maintenance and ensure its scalability? Entrust us with its maintenance, via a third-party application maintenance contract ("software" assets) or maintenance in operational conditions (hardware & software assets).

We ensure:

  • An upgrade
  • His Support, Corrective Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Its Evolutionary Maintenance


Our added value
  • Sustainability and continuity : you are no longer dependent on a single person in your team, and can count on a team that has been helping its customers for 30 years
  • Expertise : on a wide range of skills in the field Measurement, Testing and Control
  • Professionalism , through the use of state-of-the-art methods and through operational and contractual commitments (SLA, SLO)
  • Proactivity : always on standby, we always advise you, in a spirit of partnership
We operate in TPAM on the following perimeters
  • On Test, Measurement and Control Benches
  • On application parks essentially operating the Measurement, Acquisition and Signal Processing functions
  • On environments and languages that we master, including the National Instruments and LabVIEW environments
  • Remote, from our premises in Isère. On sufficiently large fleets, a SAPHIR representative can be brought in regularly from your premises, and will be in charge of liaison with the rest of the team
Measurement & Signal Engineering
Help you to make sense
The complement of your development department

Do you have theoretical or experimental models or data, real or simulated signals, but need hindsight to process or interpret them? As part of a service of Design Office, we realize in particular:

  • Analysis of your needs, your stakes, your experimental conditions
  • Qualitative analysis of your data and / or your models
  • The (algorithmic) processing of your data
  • Comparison with theoretical models
  • Writing analysis reports
Thanks to our expertise in Measurement & Signal , our Added Value focuses on:
  • Ability to carry out a critical analysis of your measurement data (eg acquisition and scanning conditions)
  • Expertise on the choice of signal processing algorithms to implement (eg denoising, filtering, ..) and an ability to implement them effectively
  • A capacity to exchange with experts "physicists" on the differences between mathematical models and empirical results
  • Our Expertise in Acoustics & Vibrations and / or Optics & Vision
  • An ability to industrialize automated methods, particularly via computerized means
Audit, Consulting, Expertise
The best experts in support of project managers or delegated
Advise you at key moments

We intervene punctually on your problems and systems of measurement, test and control to accompany you in particular:

  • In Audit, to regain control of your Solutions
  • In Consulting with Project Owners, on upstream phases of ripening, framing, drafting of specifications or collection of needs and requirements
  • In Consulting and Technical Expertise with Project Owners, especially on design or architectural review
  • In Technical Assistance, to reinforce or supplement your production capacities