Design your Automated Measurement, Testing and Control Solutions
Measure, Test, Control
Throughout the product cycle

At all stages of the life cycle of your products, the "Test Benches" hold an essential place in the industry, with dozens of functions and specialization: characterization, endurance, testing, validation, qualification, assembly control, quality control, compliance or maintenance just to name a few.

In this market since its creation 30 years ago, SAPHIR has developed expertise in the design of these special industrial resources. The variety of our skills , combined with our historical expertise in Measurement & Signal, leads us to support an ever wider clientele, in search of partners able to grasp the growing complexity of industrial systems.

This type of project is generally specifically designed as part of a specific development (M4U range), with our Clients concentrating their functional and business requirements within a Specification. The reuse of proven components capitalized for years at SAPHIR allows us to quickly develop a suitable and reliable technical solution.

Autonomous Systems: FIELD or Embedded
Reliability and Robustness
Tests, Measurements and Controls at all scales

We design two broad categories of autonomous systems: field systems, in connection with distributed industrial equipment or the environment, and embedded systems, typically in vehicles.

Designed to meet structuring constraints (size, environment, connectivity, safety, serial costs), they combine functions of monitoring, control of equipment and autonomous intelligence.

In this world, SAPHIR is distinguished by its expertise in Measurement & Signal, and its ability to support industrial companies from the POC (Proof of Concept) to serial industrialization.

Industrial Software
Softs who know how to speak Hard
Speak and operate with any industrial material

We have developed a rare expertise in the design and development of software dedicated to the management of industrial equipment and systems.

This offering leverages our LabVIEW Center of Excellence and, more broadly, our broader capabilities in industrial computing.

With a unique experience on the topics of Measurement, Testing and Control, SAPHIR has been capitalizing for decades on reliable components, through libraries, for example in Acquisition and Signal Processing, or on standardization. hardware interoperability.