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Information concerning SAPHIR which has become QMT FRANCE SAS is available on the website.
solutions For Test and Quality Control
For automated quality control equipment

qmt is a leader, in Switzerland and in France, in solutions for testing and quality control covering the entire life cycle of our customers' products: from R&D to production through qualification.

The solutions are produced by the qmt team in order to best meet the needs of customers. By vision, by hearing, by automated solutions integrating artificial intelligence, qmt limits the number of imperfections of what is going to or can be manufactured.

qmt has significant experience in the watchmaking, aerospace & defense, automotive, medical, railway, electrical and energy sectors.


Creation of qmt

After 5 years of association, Qualimatest & SAPHIR merge to create qmt

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A technical team made up of 29 experts on two sites

Technical expertise and service at the heart of our achievements
Guillaume Granelli
Electrotechnical Developer
Mathilde Vincent
Software Developer
Vahid Fakhfouri, Ph.D.
Fabrice Seyve
Vision Developer